Yvonne's Video Transcript

I've chosen to study with La Trobe because I really liked the online component of it, I liked what Master of Nursing Science could provide me, and what it could actually help me in terms of my career as well as my professional development.

I actually like to study in cafes, or in the park, or anywhere that actually makes me feel comfortable. I like the idea of doing online courses because it's flexible. It's the flexibility that gave me the interest, I suppose.

Managing life, work and study can be a bit hard at times. I tend to do a bit of exercise, a bit of yoga, yoga's my favourite to help me relax, to help me balance in terms of life, work and study.

The support from La Trobe staff is actually really good. You can always call them at any time, you can always email them, and your clinical lecturer will be really good at replying to your email in time.

By completing a Master of Nursing Science, it has allowed me to pursue a higher career. I used to be a registered nurse, but as soon as I finished my Master of Nursing Science, I am now a Clinical Nurse Specialist, which involves teaching in my role.

I've chosen La Trobe Online because it provides great flexibility that I just couldn't find anywhere else.

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