Why La Trobe Video Transcript

Professor John Dewar: La Trobe’s campuses are great, but sometimes the flexibility of choosing where to study, can make all the difference.

Hijab: I came to Australia a few years ago and started a family and a career. It has been really busy. I wanted to keep studying and La Trobe Online gave me the best pathway to get where I wanted to go. La Trobe Online helped me achieve my dreams, and I liked that the courses were run by a reputable Australian university. You want a challenge? Try studying with an eighteen month old.

Manny: People kept saying to me why are you doing an MBA? You’re a doctor, but what the MBA did which was great, was expose me to a new way of thinking, looking at the way the world works. As well as inspiring me to be able to lead others.

The MBA from La Trobe has helped me with my practice and greatly improved my leadership skills. The flexibility of studying online was fantastic, I couldn’t have done it any other way. Performing surgery often means a lot of waiting time in-between cases, so I was even able to fit some of my study in-between those operations.

Lauren: I’ve always been passionate about food and nutrition and the way that it can help people. I also really like people watching and studying at a cafe is great for that. I actually started a face to face degree on campus but it just wasn’t right for me.

Yvonne: I work really long hours as a nurse. Studying online help give me all the tools and support to fit it all in. I’m sometimes not at my best after a twelve hour shift.

Professor John Dewar: La Trobe Online takes fifty years experience, heritage and reputation to a new platform. One that’s flexible, simple to use and can fit around your life. Because at the end of the day, your success is what’s most important. 

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