Dr Susan Inglis' Video Transcript

So I’m one of the Professors of practice in the business school, and I come from industry as have my colleagues, and our role is largely teaching but it's also industry engagement. So, seeing how we can connect what we teach more closely to what's actually happening out there in practice.

The students can post anytime; they're encouraged to post on discussion forums. So they do their reading, they listen to the podcast they might have a look at the video, they might be some diagnostic tests online and then we encourage them through guided questions to actually post their reflections, what they learned, what's interesting to them, what resonates with them and then we will then post back, or encourage their colleagues to respond to them. So there is this ongoing dialogue all the time. One of the advantages of that is unlike in the class room, where you might have 30 students and you can sit up the back and probably not participate as much, particularly if you're more introverted, or you've got a class full of extroverts, really, online, everybody participates. It is a level playing field and we're really encouraging all students because if they don't post on the discussion forum we know that, and we go, "Harry where are you? What do you think about this? We're really keen to hear your ideas."

We want students to go away, not with just understanding the theories in concept and in an abstract way, but actually be able to, when they're managing staff, to go back and to do that more effectively.

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