Manny's Video Transcript

All my life I’ve been studying medicine and science.

Basically when you study too much science and medicine you tend to be quite concrete in your thinking, whereas I thought by embarking on the MBA I can become a little bit more flexible and broad and have a more worldly experience.

So I decided to study with La Trobe Online because it’s one of the only universities that offer an online course. Being an online course it allowed me to study at my own pace. Also I wasn’t committed towards the nine to five traditional uni student that you’d expect within the other university degree.

I was able to study at ten o’clock at night or in-between my theatre cases which all helped because in the end those moments got me through. When I’m not working or studying I do a lot of extra-curricular things.

One of the greatest things for stress release I found was to go home, throw my bag in the corner and forget about the deadlines and hit the play station and play call of duty for a few hours. That cleared my brain.

My favourite place to study would have been actually in the operating room in-between theatre cases. It was the only time I had nothing to do.

Because I had the pressure of the MBA and the work to get through I found that limited amount of time allowed me to focus on a particular essay that I was writing at the time. In the end that became the best time for me to do any work.

Since I’ve completed the MBA, I have the formal qualifications to show that I can manage people and have a qualified ability to lead people in my organisation.

I’ve since gone on to various other administrative roles on top my usual clinical roles as a surgeon. So, I now sit as supervisor for surgical training for the junior doctors at the hospital, and also I’ve taken on a board position as a director of one of the private hospitals in Bendigo.

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