Lauren's Video Transcript

Hi I’m Lauren, I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Food and Nutrition with La Trobe Online.

I decided to start studying food and nutrition because I’ve always been fascinated by food and nutrition and the way that it effects our body.

So I decided to study online with La Trobe because of the flexibility that online study offers.

It’s so convenient, I can study anywhere, at any time, in any part of the world.

My favourite place to study is the cafe around the corner. I really enjoy being out and about working amongst people that're also working and going about their day. It really invigorates me.

The La Trobe staff have been really lovely to deal with. They’re all really really nice, very welcoming and very supportive of the online environment.

I would definitely recommend La Trobe Online to anybody that’s interested in studying. It offers so much flexibility, it’s a really convenient way to complete the degree.

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