Jacqui McGregor's Video Transcript

My role here at La Trobe University is to coordinate the masters program in nursing. I coordinate the Masters of nursing science, which enables students to engage in an online Masters instead of a coursework Masters, which we also offer through La Trobe.

The structure of the course is very real world; in terms of we've tried to engage the people that developed the subjects that are current clinicians as well. So they've either got an interest in education or have worked as managers and things like that, so we've tried to engage that.

The research is also being developed by researchers that are out there actively researching, so we've tried to make it all very relevant and real-world and using clinicians that are based still in hospitals.

The aim of the course is to really enable students to get that step further in their career so they may be looking at becoming a nurse educator, so it enables them to have that sort of theory to practice. Again, the same if they were wanting to go into management, it's giving them the skills to be able to manage themselves as well as others, and the research component enables them to go out and become a researcher.

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