“Hey I'm Manny, I'm a General Surgeon based in Bendigo. I've also completed an MBA with La Trobe Online.”
I wanted to be able to fit study into my life…

"Being a surgeon doesn't have a lot to do with business, but I wanted to do an MBA to help broaden my expertise. There's no way I could have managed it except to do it online."


51 hours

per week


18 hours

per week

Manny in the hospital
Manny in his office
“The online set up was pretty simple to navigate”
The staff were great.

They understood my situation and were flexible in helping me produce work I was proud of, not just something that would pass.

Manny studying
"Once I signed up I threw myself into it, finishing my MBA at an accelerated rate.  Yep, I was a little tired by the end!"
"My campus was wherever I wanted it to be"
"Being able to study wherever and whenever I wanted made all the difference. Performing surgery also involves a lot of waiting, so I found I could even study between operations!"

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