"My name's Hijab Shah and I'm currently completing a Master of Management."
I wanted to be able to fit study into my life…

"I moved to Australia only a few years ago, now I'm balancing my consulting work with being a mum."


34 hours

per week


15 hours

per week

Hijab Studying
Hijab Studying
"I was initially a little apprehensive but the online set up is great."
I was able to get one-on-one advice from my tutors

Any comments I made in the forums would get a direct response. It was like getting a individual consultation from the tutor.

Hijab with Daughter
"It's a balancing act. Thank goodness my daughter goes to sleep early, so I can get some study done."
"Now I'm on my way"
"I'm ambitious. I want to set up my own HR firm that helps refugee and asylum seeker students. The Master of Management has given me all right tools."

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